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March 26, 2017

On the weekend

I had an unusually active weekend. Here's a play-by-play. As you can see, I've redownloaded VSCO, the powerful tool for making boring photos look interesting.

March 22, 2017

1 month in a carry-on: a review

Way too late to be relevant but I'd already edited these photos so I thought I might as well do this post! Also because I get to ramble on about both clothes and travelling, my two favourite topics. A review of what I packed in a carry on for my trip last December (that I still haven't finished posting about).

ASOS t-shirt / Cotton On drape pants in Antigua.

Whitepepper smock dress in Tulum.

Zara coat / Uniqlo jeans / broken H&M umbrella in NYC.

Dune boots that survived cobbles in Cuba and snow in NYC.

The heat
The dress was a lifesaver in the heat! I should've taken advice and packed a pair of shorts, though. Every second I was wearing those pants in Cuba and Mexico, I was wishing for shorts. I also want to rescind what I said about the Uniqlo ultra dry t-shirt being good to pack - it's good if you're able to wash things often since it dries quickly, but if you're not able to do so then you can definitely get more wears out of a 100% cotton shirt before it starts smelling.

The cold
I find cold weather easier to plan for, since once it gets below 5C there's only one outfit to really wear. My wool coat is absolutely horrible in windy rainy weather and snow though, water/snowflakes just stick to it like crazy. It stays warm, but I can literally feel it get heavier and heavier as the water soaks in. Serves me right for being vain and not wearing a sensible parka.

My pair of Chelsea boots did heroically. They're the only pair of shoes I took aside from flip flops and it was fine. I did wish for sneakers on rougher ground on cobbles and ruins, and I definitely had trouble when it snowed on our last day in New York (more from being uncomfortably damp than cold), but they did their best. I did end up buying a pair of socks at Uniqlo in NYC (shown in the last photo), but mostly because the short socks I'd packed kept slipping down and were driving me crazy.

I posted what I was able to fit into a sandwich bag here. It was all fine, but I almost ran short of my cleanser before I got to NYC and was able to buy more - but now I know that 50ml of it can last me about two and a half weeks, and will titrate accordingly for future trips.

I loved being able to do carry-on only for a couple of the flights, it takes away all the stress about lost luggage. It was especially helpful when my flight out of Sydney was delayed and I missed the connecting flight in LA - I didn't have to freak out about collecting and re-checking my luggage. I think I'm going to aim to do carry-on for my flight out of Sydney for my next trip (which, yes, I've already started the packing list for).

March 19, 2017

A catch-up

An outtake from my Orange post.

I don't really chat about life on here as much as I used to, do I? Partly because I'm still trying to get retrospective travel posts up, and partly because I've been so busy I don't really have the chance to write about things straight after they happen. But here's a bit of what's going on.

I've been completely hammered at work. I'm doing geriatrics right now, which seems to be one of the busier terms. My life is less like Scrubs or Greys Anatomy and more like The Devil Wears Prada. Every day I'm trying to do things I have no idea how to do, or feel impossible, like trying to get hold of unpublished Harry Potter books. Nevertheless, it's satisfying to know that I'm the one making things happen for patients. There are still days here and there that I don't have time for lunch and one time I cried in the car on the way home from sheer hunger and exhaustion. I'm hoping it's a baptism by fire sort of situation and I'll find my next rotations easier in comparison.

Unfortunately the study didn't end with med school. I'm looking to go into surgery, and I need to sit a surgical sciences exam before I can get on. I'm planning to take it in February next year, and while I can always sit it again if I fail, each attempt costs $4000 (!!!) so I'd rather not. I'm generally good at exams, however I've been finding that studying is really, really hard after a day or week at work. I'm just going to have to try my best and hope my next few rotations aren't as hardcore.

I'm going (with my tried-and-true travel buddy Wai Lam and her sister) to Moscow, St Petersburg, Vienna and Budapest this August! I've never been able to get time off in the European summer before so it'll be a nice change to pack for mild weather. At the end of that trip I'll also be in Edinburgh for a few days for a surgical skills course (it's equivalent, but cheaper to do there than in Australia). It's supposed to be a holiday but I'm excited for it in a nerdy way. I've been to Edinburgh once before, but the weather that time was horrid and I'm hoping it will be nicer to walk around in early September. Something to keep me going!

Please tell me about the fun things going on in your lives right now!

March 16, 2017